colored-bottle-cutterYou want to buy Plastic Bottle Cutter? Just one step.

Actually we are launching a project on Kickstarter only so you can pledge for your bottle cutter on the right side of this page:

There is no webshop, retail or wholesale distribution till the end of KickStarter campaign at 23 april.

Please support us and our project and prepurchase your plastic bottle cutter on this Kickstarter page:

We will start sending it in June.

Click the Kick please:



• Step One – Go to our project page and Back this project:


• Step two – Choose the reward (20€ – is the one plastic bottle cutter, 40€ – two…):


• Step three, if you dont have Kickstarter account – create one(Or login with Facebook):

• Step four – your payment information:

Thats all! 
At the end of campaign 23 april your card will be billed and you’ll receive by e-mail the invitation to fill the delivery address.

Question: Why you are using KickStarter to prepurchase it, its much easier to launch the webstore right here?
Answer: KickStarter is a great community to share an idea, collect your opinion, find partners and attract attention.
You can preorder your Plastic Bottle Cutter (or few) at Kickstarter like in any other online store.

Also check our FAQ on Kickstarter!

Please leave us a message if you wish to buy Plastic Bottle Cutter or you have any other questions.

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Many thanks in advance!